We all want those amazing signature brows! Eyebrows over the years have been the biggest rave all over the internet from hits to a lot of misses.  Eyebrows significantly change the way your face is structured and the overlook look your trying to accomplish through makeup. Dating back to the late Victorian era women who wore excessive makeup were mainly looked down upon, which is why during this era a lot of their eyebrows were bushy and untamed. It wasn't until the 60's where we had Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor is where eyebrows were more polished and retained arches came on the scene. Listed below are some tips that can help you achieve those spectacular brows.


Choosing your correct shade:

Choosing the correct shade for your eyebrows are crucial. The best way to achieve perfect brows is to always choose the color based on your hair color. One of the best brow product that we recommend is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This remarkable mechanical pencil fills in sparse or over-tweezed areas of your brows and there are many colors to choose from. There are also brow creams, brow gel/ tints and powders you can use to create the perfect brow as well. When applying brow gel, brush the color through the brow in the same fashion as you apply mascara to the eyelashes. Brush the wand through your brows, being careful not to get the product on the skin and not to leave the brows standing straight up. It will probably take you a few applications to get the hang of it but practice makes perfect! The whole point of using these products is to mimic natural hair and to create texture effortlessly. You never want to over use the product or press down too hard to create a harsh brow. Using gentle strokes is the best way to create natural eyebrows and ALWAYS TAKE YOUR TIME!




Defining your brows:

Using the "concealer under your brows" method can give your eyebrows that "always done" look! If you want a precise sharp look, blending is and always should be your friend! Blend the concealer by pulling the color into your eye area so that it doesn't appear too light. By doing this, it gives you an automatic highlight under your brow and emphasizes your arch. You can also take the concealer under your eyebrows or the outer arch to really carve out the shape that you desire! You can always use clear eyebrow gel to lock your gels in place and to prevent any fly a ways. We have to remember that your brows don't need to match perfectly. Always remember they are sisters not twins! Below are shapes that best compliment different face shapes that we all might have:



Never get discourage while practicing your brows or even makeup! Applying makeup is a skill and it takes years to perfect your craft when trying to achieve that glamorous look. We guarantee if you practice and follow these tips below, you can go from drag to fab in seconds!