What's the hype about eye lash extenions?! VLOG experience inside!

So ladies lets talk about eye lash extensions and what makes them so unique. This was my first time experiencing this process and I was extremely nervous. I've heard so many horror stories from people getting their lids shut, getting infections of the eye, or natural lashes falling off. So here's how my story went!

Today was a typical day, I woke up and immediately before brushing my teeth I turned over to get on Instagram. Yeah I know ladies that disgusting but hey it was my day off! So as I'm scrolling thru my feed I stumbled upon a high school friend and she was doing amazing things. She finished school, moved back to Miami, and was now a lash tech. I was extremely impressed with her work and her dedication to her business. As a fellow business woman on the rise I loved her work ethic and I love supporting woman in anyway I can. I decided to DM her *starts singing "It goes down in the DM"* and get some information about her services and maybe stepping into her chair as a client.

She was so thrilled to hear from me and just that alone and her passion about her business, prompt me to make an appointment. Words cant express how anxious and nervous I was and I expressed to her my concerns. Now ladies and gents (heeeeeyyyyyy boys!) I've had a bad experience with lash extensions and i truly believe it was my fault. If you got some time get your popcorn and something to drink and let me tell you a little bit about that experience. *sighs*

One day I walked into a nail shop, yes ladies I said NAIL SHOP! And I watched a young Asian woman applying lashes on another woman as i waited to get my mani and pedi. They were absolutely gorgeous as she applied them one by one on her lids. I instantly thought I wanted them and I didn't care how much it cost me. We all know that putting strip lashes everyday for some ladies is a hassle. It's very time consuming and lash glue has this horrid smell that makes me have second thought about applying them. So I asked the Asian woman how much and she kindly gave me the price. She said if i wanted them done she can fit me in right after she was done with the young lady and I said sure! As i sat in the chair the first red flag was she didn't wash her hands, now knowing the germ freak I am I should have gotten up and ran the other way. But i complied and waited to see what she would do next. She started to apply the lashes and as she grab the glue it had this horrible smell and it was black as tar. That was the second red flag but I thought ugh she already started it too late to go back now. So i sat there for 20 minutes and after that she said "ok you're done" and she handed me a mirror. I instantly loved them and they look so wispy and fluffy. I got up and hugged her and I paid for my services and proceed to run my errands and go home. Ok this is where things went downhill, as the days went by my eyes started to itch profusely and my eyes were extremely red. I itched until my eyes were blood shot and i began ripping them off my face because i couldn't stand the pain.

So you can understand my hesitation as I walked into the doors of my high school friends establishment and laid in her chair. She told me immediately that the process was two hours before hand so I decided to come comfortably to sleep my life away. She then asked me to use the restroom as I wont be able to open my eyes for 2 hours and they must be shut the entire time. Before she even started on me she excused herself to wash her hands and sanitize her hands. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh that instantly washed away all the worries I had. As she prepped me she continued to explain the steps and made sure I was completely comfortable before starting. As I closed my eyes and listened to the smooth acoustic music she had playing when I walked in, all my nerves went away and I began enjoying the experience. We talked and caught about life, love, friends we knew in high school and by the time we caught up I was done. The experience was absolutely pleasant and the hospitality was on a level I've never experienced before. After my experience she gave me a personal bag with my initials and instructions on after care.


It's important that you attend regular maintenance sessions on a 3 week basis. Our premature lashes have a growth cycle and our premature lashes would have grown into healthy lashes to attach the new extensions. Because this happens month to month there will be always a constant supply of healthy lashes to apply new extensions to. You cannot wash or swim for 48 hours to allow adequate bonding and time for your lashes to cure. When done with your experience you should always receive instructions on on how to care for them. Overall, this experience was a lot more satisfying then my experience at the nail shop. If anyone in the Miami area is interested in getting their lashes done the information is listed below!


Precision Lash Boutique

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Call or text (786)-662-9192 for inquires!


Want the whole experience?! Head over to our Youtube channel to see a full video of the experience!