Everything you need to know about shopping for extensions! The ULTIMATE breakdown!

Lets begin with the origin and breaking down how each texture can ultimately decide either your slaying in the streets or looking like a complete fail.

Brazilian: Brazilian hair is one of the most sought our extensions on the market. Because of it's thick and coarse nature it blends with African American or Caucasian hair amazingly. Brazilian hair will hold a curl longer than Indian and Malaysian Hair and its also less likely to frizz up from moisture

Malaysian: Malaysian hair is one of the most beautiful textures out there on the market. It is thick, has a loose body wave, shiny, and silky. This texture can also be blended with African American hair giving it a beautiful luster when installed properly. Since it is more rare and growing in popularity, expect to pay a little more for this amazingly beautiful hair.

Peruvian: Peruvian hair is very thick and less bundles are required when doing a install. It is amazingly smooth to the touch and comes either wavy or straight. Although it’s more coarse and thicker than Malaysian or Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is as light as a feather.

Cambodian: This texture is very rare because its a cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair. But it is a lot less coarse then Chinese hair. This texture is very shiny, soft, and slightly wavy when you receive it.

Russian: This texture is also rare! Its very difficult to find Russian hair on the market. It's incredibly soft and shiny. Sourced from small villages in Eastern Europe, this hair is rich with vitamins due to the diet and genetics of its donors. This texture is hard to blend with African American textures! If well maintained, Russian hair can last up to 5 years while still maintaining its luster and silky texture.

Indian: This texture is very popular and because women in this country donate excessively because of religious beliefs and therefore it's in high demand. Indian virgin hair has a very fine density and has a light bouncy feel to it. This makes it easy to curl and style. Indian hair is a popular choice because its texture and color are easily matched to many ethnicities, especially relaxed African American hair.

Chinese: Chinese hair is one of the straightest textures on the market. It is extremely shiny, silky, glossy, and jet black. The hair is fine so it requires more bundles for a full head.

Length: Depending on what texture your getting, length is a big factor when trying to choose the correct style you're going for. If you look at the chart you'll see that if you choose any other length other than straight, the length changes. This chart below can help you decide the length when shopping for extensions.


Ok ladies not lets get down to the nitty gritty! Now we all know there's many textures out there on the market. But choosing between wavy and curly is quite confusing especially if you don't know how tight you want your curls. This chart below can help you in deciding how tight of a curl you want or wavy you decide to choose.



Synthetic Extensions: Synthetic extensions are not real "human"hair. These are extensions that you can wear directly out of the box and has little to no styling. The fibers in the hair have "memory" which can withstand humidity and frizzy weather.  The downfall using this particular extensions are that you cannot apply heat to these extensions. The longevity of the extensions are 4-6 months the max.

Human Hair/Extensions: Human hair extensions give off a more natural look than synthetic. This particular extensions are shiny and versatile in many styles. Human hair extensions are a bit more pricier than synthetic hair and there are generally four types of human hair extensions. There are Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. But the majority of human hair wigs are made with Asian hair. These particular extensions require a lot of maintenance.

Remy Hair:  These extensions are a premium option other than human hair. The hair follicles all run in the same direction which can significantly cut down on tangling. The cuticles are intact and they are not stripped causing less tangles and a natural look.

Raw Unprocessed Virgin Hair: Raw unprocessed virgin hair is hair that hasn't been processed at all. The hair is exceptionally strong, healthy, and full of body. The hair is completely raw and in its natural form. It is worth every penny because it can be transform anyway you would like. It takes heat very well (always use your heat protectant ladies), it holds curls wonderfully, and most textures come with a nice wave since it hasn't been altered at all.

We hope these tips help you when deciding which extensions are right for you! We have so many more textures that will be added to this site! We only carry 100% raw virgin hair collected from around the world and we can't wait to share more with you all!