7 Makeup Tricks You NEED Know

Tip # 1

  • Applying mascara with a business card

Here's a trick that beginners who are just getting into makeup SHOULD know. Applying mascara without getting it on your lids is one of the most frustrating things ever if your new to makeup. The business card trick is a trick that even the most experience makeup artist use still to this day. When applying mascara, hold a business card against your lid and behind your lash line. Then take your mascara and apply it from root to tip in a back and forth motion. By doing it this way you can really get an even application and coat every lash faster!




Tip # 2

  • Tightlining to add definition to your eyes:

Everyone wants that effortless look as if they're not wearing makeup at all. Well tightlining is the perfect way to go! But what is tightlining exactly? Tightlining is a eyeliner technique used to define your lash line and makes your eyes look subtly brighter. By tightlining you can make the base of lashes appear thicker and add definition to your eyes.



Tip # 3

  • Making your eyes appear bigger:

Alright ladies huddle up! If you don't already own a white eyeliner or pencil, INVEST IN ONE NOW! Instead of using black in your waterline to make the eyes appear smaller, use white instead to create the illusion of bigger eyes. This trick has been used by every celebrity from Beyoncé to MUA (makeup artist) like Mario Dedivanovic, which is Kim Kardashians makeup artist.


Tip # 4

  • Preparing your lips for lipstick:

Let's get lipstick ready! All you need is a toothbrush, sugar, coconut oil, and lip balm. First mix your sugar and coconut oil in a bowl. After mixing these ingredients dip your toothbrush into the mix and scrub your lips to remove all the dead and excess skin from your lips. Then apply lip balm all over your lips to add more moisture.  If you're allergic to any of the ingredients you can substitute the coconut oil with any other oil you like.



Tip # 5

  • Reviving your dull eyeliners:

We've all been there. After using your eyeliners and letting them sit out for a while they tend to dry out leaving you with no hope. Well there's a way to revive the fickle pencil and here are the steps! Take a lighter that's probably been lying around and light the end of the eyeliner, be careful not to let it drip all over you. Let it dry for a bit and use as usual. This method will revive your liner and give you that bold color back.



Tip # 6

  • Fixing clumpy mascara:

The problem with mascara is that it  dries out and then it starts to become a clumpy mess. One thing you shouldn't do is to continue to pump air into the tube causing it to dry out faster. Ladies a tip we SHOULD ALL KNOW is that you must change your mascara every 3-4 months! We don't want eye infections, pink eye or a staph infection because of not taking care of the essentials. So how do you get rid of the clumps? Run your wand under hot water until the water runs clear. Then place it back into the tube and rub it inside and around the tube. By doing this the heat softens the mascara inside the tube making it apply as if it were brand new. Another simple tip is by adding a couple drops of eye drops or solution into the mascara tube and bam that's it!

Tip # 7

  • Applying eyeliner like a PRO:

 This isn't the conventional beauty method but it gets the job done. But its an easy method when applying eye liner and shadows for a precise look. If you want a balanced look for both eyes this is the way to go!