Milk of magnesia as a Primer for oily skin?

Ever get dolled up and danced the night away but realized you had to blot your makeup all night? Hate the way your face seems to get oily and not finding a reasonable solution to help stop it? Well the secret is out! Milk of magnesia can be used to counter your oily skin problems and an effective cleanser. The question is what is it and what are the benefits? Milk of magnesia is used to treat occasional constipation for a short period of time. It is a laxative that helps draw out water into the intestines which can cause movement of the intestines. Ok now ladies, time out! After hearing all that who would want to put something like that on their face? But there are more than one benefits when applying it to your face and having flawless makeup.


1. It cleanses your skin:

Milk of magnesia is a wonderful cleanser for the face. When applied to the face, let it dry and soak into your face. After letting it soak you will see the substance in a prominent chalky white color.


2. Use it as a Primer:

This is my favorite way to use it! I have medium to oily skin so when I apply the milk of magnesia it smooths the skin and makes it ready for the application of makeup. During the hot summers it acts as an oil-blotting property that can reduce oil production. Some people apply this after a small thin layer of moisturizer, which I do. I only use it where I know I get really oily, for example my T zone and my chin area. After applying it to my T zone and chin area I let it dry and follow that up with my favorite primer Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It frees the skin of fine lines and pores. Just apply a dime size amount on top of the milk of magnesia and let it set. Then apply my foundation as normal. It lasts all night and I never have to blot, not even once!

3. Kills Bacteria:

Milk of magnesia contains zinc which can heal wounds.


4. Strips away blackheads:

We all hate blackheads and it can take expensive trips to the spa to remove those tough areas. But using milk of magnesia it can help save extra bucks in your wallet. Its an even gentler way of removing blackheads and treating them. Just apply a coat to the trouble areas and let dry. After you let the substance dry just remove with warm water and bingo your done!

*Only use milk of magnesia if you have problems related to oily skin.* Using this product on dry skin can make your skin even drier! Only use small quantities at first to treat your oily skin and always SHAKE BOTTLE BEFORE USING. It can create tightness when applied but that's only because it's drying out and soaking up the oil from your face. *Don't use it too often and if you see any side effects stop using the product.*

We hope these tips can help you when applying flawless makeup! Hashtag us your selfies #laperlebeaute