Whats the hype about Sulfate-Free shampoo?

Now ladies we need to huddle up and have a pep talk about this new sulfate free shampoo craze! We’ve seen it on label after label at drugstores, ads, TV commercials, and our local beauty supply stores. We all have heard the term everywhere but what is it really and should we be concerned about what’s in our shampoo? First, let’s find out what sulfates are and what exactly do they do. Sulfate, also known as, sodium lauryl sulfate is an anionic detergent that is found in many personal care products. These sulfates are found in soaps, shampoos, and even in your toothpaste! But because these elements are put into your shampoo they completely wash away all of your hair’s moisture. Traditional shampoos froth or create suds when applied to the hair but sulfate free shampoos do the opposite.  Sulfate free shampoo does not give you that thick consistency which means it may feel as if you’re not cleaning your hair at all. Shampoos with sulfate do a great job at getting rid of any oils, product build up, and damage to the hair when applied to the hair but will also leave the hair dry. Some of the damages consist of spilt ends, straw-like hair, and lack of moisture to the hair. A really good candidate for sulfate free shampoos is people who have coarse thick, dyed hair, dry, or curly hair. Although sulfate free seems like the right way to go, do not use it if you’re allergic to sulfate. Some signs of an allergic reaction are scalp irritation, excessive scratching to the scalp, and sometimes dry scalp. Below are our top 5 sulfate free shampoos:

Try some of these shampoos listed above and lets us know your experiences below!