How to keep your virgin hair extensions hydrated

Ladies don’t you feel absolutely like a star after you get your hair done? After getting a fabulous install we all feel like a million bucks walking into the room. Ladies we are clearly feelin’ our selves! *cues in Beyonce and Nicki Minaji* Now we all know everyone lives in different climates and we have many followers from all over the world. But one thing we can all agree on is that we must keep our virgin hair hydrated and frizz free. We all want to protect our investment and keep it looking healthy and moisturized. There are some really simple steps that you can take to help keep your virgin hair extensions looking their best and beautiful.


First, you want to start by washing your extensions with a deep moisturizing shampoo. Choosing the right shampoo to wash your hair is a very important process. Some shampoo contain sulfate in them that will strip your hair from any oils and dry your hair out. Other shampoos will leave your extensions with damaging residue and leave your extensions looking dull. By using a deep moisturizing shampoo it will help restore and renew your hair while also cleansing it as well. Never ball up the hair or use a comb to run through the hair while using shampoo. This will matte the hair and your extensions will be acceptable to shedding. You always want to lather the shampoo on your extensions and do down stroking motions along the base of the hair to the tips. After washing the hair you can wash the hair in cold water (preferably) and blot with a soft towel. We suggest using a deep conditioner when conditioning your hair. Our favorite deep conditioner is Silicon Mix hair treatment; it smells absolutely amazing and will leave your extensions so soft and hydrated. Take a wide tooth comb and gently comb the hair through before rinsing with cold water. After conditioning your extensions ring out any water that was left from conditioning and washing. Never dry or rub vigorously when drying your extensions!

Model: Jordanne Dundas

Model: Jordanne Dundas


Now that your extensions are cleaned it’s now time to let this bad boy dry! We prefer that you let your extensions air dry, but we understand that many are on the go. If you don’t have time to let your extensions air dry you can blow dry them to your liking. We suggest that if you do decided to blow dry that you use a heat protectant to protect your extensions from heat and damage. After it dries, you can style it in any way you wish, depending on your texture and pattern. If you have our La Perle body wavy pattern, you can braid the hair in one or two braids before you go to sleep. By braiding the hair up at night this will keep that natural wave pattern and look your going for everyday. Be sure to tie you’re in a quality satin hair scarf which you can find at your local beauty supply store.


Now that your hair is dry you want to keep the moisture in it! We suggest using Argan Oil or Organix Nourishing Anti Breakage Serum. If your style doesn’t call for a closure you can use these two products for moisturizing your extensions and your natural “leave out” hair as well. These products will help with dryness and frizz to your extensions. To apply these products simply squirt a dime size into your hands and rub your hands together. It’s always best to use your hands while applying products because your fingers are sensitive and less harsh than a brush. Work the moisturizer into your hair downward from the base of the head to the tips. After this step take your La Perle rhinestone paddle brush and lightly brush through your hair. When brushing your hair you always want to start at the tip of the hair and work yourself up to the roots. This will avoid breakage, tangling, and matting to your extensions and maintain longevity.


And finito! You are done! You always want to make sure your beautiful extensions are moisturized and always looking its best. Stay fabulous!